About Us

Escape Supply Co. is a company & brand that is focused on making our enviroments inspiring. Our core value is to explore, create, and inspire others to live a life worth living. 

Our Founder & CEO Corbin Newberry  created this company after getting diagnosed and treatment with Lyme disease in 2019. During that time in treatment, Corbin had time to reflect life prior to getting treated.  Realizing that the other patients had a great respect and value for life.  Lyme disease was frustrating because we didn't know how or what to do with our own health.

Here is Corbins own words about the reason why Escape Supply exists. 

Corbin:  "I did a little digging and saw that social media was extremely discouraging for Lyme disease. It was so difficult to find uplifting information. I decided to do something about that. My objective was to show people that we can thrive, even when we go through a very hard process of detoxing the body.  I felt I needed to speak for not only myself but for many Lyme disease patients. The photo was simple."

"So I did and it blew up I got thousands of followers / hundreds of comments from Lyme patients and even more messages. After this happened I knew I was on a positive path. Then one night at global Lyme alliance red carpet event I got approached by the founders. They said if I came up with something that could help us get Lyme disease out there and raise money for more people that he would promote it if he liked it. So I went to work… Escape supply co is our way of giving back to the community soon we will be donating and fundraising for Lyme disease patients."

Escape Supply Co. donates a portion of sales to help pay for Lyme disease testing. For many, autoimmune disorders are hard to diagnos and expensive to test for with out insurance. We want to be the aid for families in search of answers.